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” Paul & Cyndie & Staff- With many thanks for your kindness and help in my worker’s compensation case. I want you to know I appreciate all the time and effort you put into helping me. I couldn’t be happier with the result you obtained on my behalf. Per your advice, I have put $10,000.00 in a savings account for my medical expenses relating to my injuries at Botsford Hospital. As I mentioned to Mr. Shiffman, I have referred several family members to your firm. I believe my brother-in-law will speak to you in the future. “ Deborah E
” Donald Shiffman,Val, Richard Ehrlich & Jan – Thank you for not only representing me but for the caring spirit you showed me. When going through a rough time in life, it’s good to know someone you can trust and have your back. I will pass on my positive experience in the guidance and support I received with your firm. “ Lisa H.
” Mr. Zamler – Please don’t forget me. I really have much respect for you and your honesty. Thank you so much for your personal advice for my co-worker, Charlie W. It was a pleasure meeting you and I’ll never forget the opportunity. From time to time, if its okay, I will call for advice, as I continue to help others. You’re awesome and I thank you deeply. “ Angela C.
” Attorney Ehrlich, Karen, and Jan-  This extra-special thank-you note sent to you today holds more appreciation than any words can say, for you’re among the nicest people I have ever known, and you’ll never be forgotten for the thoughtfulness you’ve shown. “ Sylvia J.
” Paul- I just can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate you. Thanks so much for getting me thru the last 7 years. You are a great attorney, a great person and a great friend. Wishing you peace, love and happiness now and always “ Penny
” Donald Shiffman and Val – Thank you for all your help with my Social Security Disability. I loved the letter that you sent on my behalf to the Judge! You keep your word (and that is rare!) Thank you really for all that you have done, please stay in touch with me. “ Larry J
” Mr. Karfis – I would like to thank you personally and the law firm of Zamler, Mellen and Shiffman for the outstanding effort and your persistence in my case, which granted me a judgement. I was treated with respect and you believed in me and took the initiative to pursue the case” Anna K.
“Jim – Thank you for all your tireless work on my case! “ Demetrios S.
” Team Rick – A great Workers’ Compensation Lawyer! I want to say thanks for always being there for me and always returning my calls, no matter what I was feeling or dealing with at the time. You were that ear I needed or when I felt like giving up and you always said “HANG ON”!!! Just those two words made a difference in my life. It made me feel like I had a good person in my corner”   Jimmielee R.
“Margaret – Thank you for staying on top of my case. “ John L.
” Steve – Thank you for all you’ve done. For your hard work and dedication. I truly appreciated it.  Claudia W.
“Ms. Jenson – I just want to thank you for all the work you did to bring my settlement to a closure on behalf of Milton R. (deceased). I appreciate it. “ Betty R.
” Dear Friends – Once again I thank you for what you are doing on my behalf. I want to say do not let the threats by others to limit or restrict asbestos lawsuits. One thing is clear, I have asbestos in my lungs. I was exposed to it all the 23 years I worked at the cement plant in Alpena, Michigan. I live under the threat of death every day. So keep on keeping on working on my behalf.” Claudia W.
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