SOUTHFIELD, MI – October 18, 2011 – The team of experienced lawyers at Zamler, Mellen & Shiffman, P.C. now offers assistance for injured or ill individuals looking to file social security disability applications. Most law offices handling social security disability will only get involved in filing paperwork once a social security disability application has been denied. However, the law office of Zamler, Mellen & Shiffman knows it is important to get involved earlier in the process to help clients navigate the complexities of the Michigan social security disability (SSD) system.

The majority of Social Security disability applications are initially rejected. One common reason for denial is missing items in the initial application. Zamler, Mellen, & Shiffman helps clients get to the right doctors, obtain the correct medical documentation and see that the client’s Michigan SSD application is complete.

“We help clients avoid the mistakes that are often made in filing social security disability applications. Our goal is to get our clients the benefits they need as soon as possible,” said Joshua Syme, an attorney at Zamler, Mellen, & Shiffman who handles Michigan social security disability cases. “When an experienced law firms gets involved in the process early on, we can answer questions and make sure nothing is missed in the initial application.”

About Zamler, Mellen & Shiffman

Zamler, Mellen & Shiffman, P.C. has been defending victims of personal injury cases in Michigan since our establishment in 1969. Over the years, our Michigan personal injury lawyers have helped over 150,000 people and recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for victims of negligence. Our Michigan social security disability attorneys know how to navigate through the complex paths necessary to get results for ill and injured people who need benefits. Call us today for a free consultation at 1-800-LAWYERS or visit