Social Security Disability Results

November 19, 2021

Attorney Donald Shiffman of the law firm of Zamler, Shiffman and Karfis, P.C. recently filed for disability benefits for a 58-year-old truck driver suffering from congestive heart failure and lung pathology. An award of benefits was issued within 60 days of the initial filing.

November 8, 2021

Attorney Donald Shiffman recently received a fully favorable decision from an Administrative Law Judge following a hearing for a client suffering from physical issues mainly related to his knees that were preventing him from work. The judge awarded benefits with an onset date of disability assigned as July of 2018 thereby allowing for more than 3 years of past-due benefits to be paid along with monthly disability payments for the rest of the client’s lifetime. Additionally, the award allows for immediate qualification of medicare insurance coverage.

October 15, 2021

Attorney Donald Shiffman was recently successful with obtaining SSD benefits for a 47-year-old individual who had previously attempted to obtain benefits but lost at a prior hearing. Attorney Shiffman was able to obtain medical documentation that supported his argument that his client suffered an intervening traumatic event that both aggravated prior health issues and created new health issues with resulting symptoms that prevented her from performing full-time, competitive work activities. His client was thereby awarded significant back-due benefits in a lump sum along with potential lifetime monthly benefits from an Administrative Law Judge.

October 5, 2021

Attorney Donald Shiffman recently received a fully favorable decision on behalf of his 59-year-old client after a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. The ALJ accepted the argument that the disabled worker was entitled to SSD benefits based upon a combination of physical and emotional symptoms related to her impairments which included degenerative arthritis of the knees, diabetes, obesity, depression, and anxiety.

September 21, 2021

Attorney Donald Shiffman was recently successful with assisting a 55-year-old individual with obtaining SSD benefits without the need of a hearing. Paperwork was obtained from treating health professionals provided by attorney Shiffman that convinced SSA that his client was indeed disabled and entitled to benefits. The amount of past-due benefits paid exceeded $33000.00 with monthly benefits awarded of over $2000.00.

September 9, 2021

Attorney Donald Shiffman of Zamler, Shiffman, and Karfis p.c. recently obtained a fully favorable decision for his social security client convincing the Administrative Law Judge assigned to the trial that this younger individual had a severe enough work impairment due to diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, anoxic encephalopathy, and depression to prevent him from performing full-time competitive work activity leading to absence from work four days per month.

September 8, 2021

Attorney Donald Shiffman of Zamler, Shiffman and Karfis P.C. was recently successful at trial with obtaining SSI benefits for a younger individual suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, borderline intellectual functioning, depression and PTSD. Mr. Shiffman was also able to convince the administrative law judge to reopen a prior application which in turn allowed for a larger payment for past-due benefits.