Why the Social Security Administration May Approve a Disability Claim

The Social Security Administration has two sets of guidelines. The first set of guidelines is called the Listing of Impairments, and it consists of objective medical findings. If you are found to be afflicted by one of these specified impairments, your Michigan Social Security lawyer will be very confident that you will get approved for disability benefits.

Am I Eligible for Michigan Social Security Disability?

One of the most common questions Michigan Social Security disability lawyers hear is, “Do I qualify for Social Security disability benefits?” Unfortunately, this is one of the hardest questions to answer. Social Security regulations are complex and confuse many applicants. A Social Security disability attorney can help you evaluate your Michigan claim, but sometimes the…

Claimants’ Advocate

Donald Shiffman of the Law Firm of Zamler, Mellen & Shiffman, P.C. has been extremely successful with the processing of appeals to administrative law judges at the Social Security Administration, Since January 1, 2010 Attorney Shiffman has receive approximately 80 decisions of which 87% have resulted in favorable outcomes for his clients.

Too Much Plastic Surgery Can Have Devastating Effects

Medical malpractice claims against plastic surgeons can involve a variety of procedures. Patients who undergo breast implants, breast reduction, liposuction or facelifts may have to consider legal action if the medical professional they trusted caused severe scarring, infection, disease, malformation, tissue damage or other unexpected and often unexplained results. People who sought vast improvements in…

Hospital Accreditation Commission Targets Medical Safety Issues

The Joint Commission, which accredits 18,000 health care organizations nationwide, recently established the Center for Transforming Healthcare to explore solutions for critical quality and safety problems in the industry. The first basic issue that the center targeted is handwashing, the most obvious hygiene practice that any health care worker should follow. Poor compliance with hygiene…